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     Do you feel like your being taken advantage of by those LARGE corporate propane companies? Do you feel like your getting screwed every-time they bring you a delivery?
     If you feel like this guy, then you have come to the right place. We can stop those feelings, and make cooler weather more enjoyable for you again.   
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Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural


  • We service all account types, If you use propane we can help.

  • Need a new install. No problem we can set a tank almost anywhere,    and install a new line from the tank to your house or building.

  • Do you own you own tank and need some repairs to leaky parts, or maybe your gauge is sticking. We can help.    

Thinking about purchasing or leasing a tank.


  • We would be happy to sell you a New or Factory Refurbished tank. We have tank sizes from 120 gallon up to 1000 gallon tanks.

  • If purchasing a tank isn't right for you we can always lease you a tank for just One dollar a year, with a couple exclusions.

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Becoming a New Customer


  • Becoming a new customer couldn't be any easier. Just a simple phone call or email can get everything going for you. We have you fill-in a short credit application, then gather some information to setup your account.

  • We then talk about what size tank you might need, and choose a day that works best to do the install or service switch out. It's just that easy.

Propane Deliveries


  • Deliveries are usually only made Monday thru Friday unless weather or higher than normal delivery request are needing to be made.

  • We do ask for a minimum delivery of 200 gallons, exceptions can be made if the customer is willing to wait until the truck is going by their address for another customer.

  • Emergency deliveries can be available for "Out of Gas" customers for an additional fee.   

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